After 17 years of working with Intentions and Conscious Manifestation we have learned that one of the most powerful things we can do is to envision the end result from the beginning and align our visions with others. With this in mind, we've created The Vision Alignment Project - and now, for those of you who want to read all of the Visions at once, we've created The Vision Alignment Project Ebook.

The Vision Alignment Project Ebook

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This book is a template, a blueprint. It's an expression of our world in its ideal perfection. Containing 136 poignant, powerful Visions from our online Vision Alignment Project, it is consciously designed to act as a guideline for nurturing the fledgling Phoenix of Earth as she preens her new paradigm feathers and dreams of winged flight. Said another way, it is a refreshing and uplifting guide for anyone who is truly concerned about creating a better world.

Unlike NESARA (the establishment vision for the future) - which appears to rebuild our current competitive systems by emphasizing whose going to be in charge and whose money we are going to use, but, in truth, only serves as a mask for the continuation of the same old encumbrances and enslavements - the Vision Alignment Project is based on love and built on a foundation with freedom for all mankind at its core.

To Preview one of our VISIONS, Click here

Here is a list of topics in The Vision Alignment Project:

Our Earth - Humanity - Israel and the Middle East - The Highest Good in Business - The Gulf Coast - Our Food - Our Heroes - Mercy - The Media - Gardens - Freedom from Debt - The Dolphins and Whales - The Ley Lines - Linda's Vision for Our World - Oneness - The Animals - Enhanced Perceptions - Religions - Transition to the New Paradigm - Blessing in Advance - Our Power - Possessions - Conscience - Angels - Our Children - Our Soul's Intention - The Positive Side - Our Interconnectedness - Our Ancestors - Wellness - Peace - Conscious Community - Education - The Code - 35 Great Nature - Haiti - Play - Borders and Boundary Lines - Victory and Success - The Past - Back to the Basics - Gratitude - Cleaning Things Up - The Great Beings of Nature - Harvesting - Colombia - Discernment - Leadership - Free Energy - Relationships - The Highest Light - Our Identity - The Love Progression - Thinking No Harm - The Media #2 - The Cycles of Life - Telepathy - Family - Glamour - Uplifting Entertainment - Cooperation - Stewardship - Artists and Musicians - Adversity - The Golden Rule - Conception, Pregnancy & Birth - Shelter - Good Money - Loving God - Comfortable Working Conditions - Prisons and Jails - Forgiving the World - Strength - The End of Suffering - Judicial Fairness - Joy - Healing from Addiction - Technology - Healing Ourselves and Our Planet - Our Resurrection - Gentleness - Trails of Glory - Marketing - Recharging - Asking and Giving - The Elimination of Blockages - Open Hearts Everywhere - Fulfillment - Knowledge - Positive Questions - Innocence - Good Nutrition and More - Responsible Government - Putting Ourselves in the Other's Shoes - Humor - The Education and Advertising - Living by Manifesting - Friendship - History - Those Who Are Lost - Our Stories - Prisoners - Our Agreements - Spiritual Mastery - Moderation - The Elephants - Awakening - The Crystal Skulls - Our Safety - Political Change - Eating - All Things Free - Trust - The Return of the Great Ones - The Healing of Families - Patience - The Star People - Expansion - Release - Books and Bookstores - Hunting - Building a Light Body - A Balanced Earth - Teleportation - Sharing and Giving - Quality - Love - Honest Public Relations - Intimacy - Grace - Kindness in Catastrophe - Equality and Fraternity - Jim Spirit9's Dream - Cures - Love Overflowing - Rerouting Our Aggressions

~ Here's what a few people had to say about our recent Visions ~

"Dear Tony Burroughs and Richard Blackstone.

Thank you for the Vision Alignment Project. You are Beautiful, Innocent Beings of Light and, I think you are making one of the most powerful differences - if not the most powerful difference on the planet, today."

Marianne Friend
United Kingdom

To Tony and all at this site:

"This Vision Alignment Project is magnificent. It is what I have believed in and intended since I began to use the Internet. I don't have to create the site. It's already done! I intend for 1,000,000 people to join NOW!"

Bright Blessings from Will Magnus
(TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle)

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Vision Alignment Project!!!! I know about envisioning things the way we want them on the earth and that it's good to do but......I just couldn't discipline myself to do it as often as I would like. Getting the Vision Projects in my email has it made it so much easier, and also knowing that I'm not the only one envisioning certain things lets me know it's going to happen. I feel finally, that I can make a difference. Thanks so much!!!"

Rita Montague

"I just Loved your fun video of visions from down home. You Rock!"

Lisa Lambert

"I just want to say thank you very much for your emails, they are changing my life and mindset for the better. They are in synchronicity with whats going on in my life and being currently, It's truly a miracle!

Thanks, you are God sent! Blessings to you always!."

Gcinani Mtoba

"Thank you for the current newsletter. I read it June 8. This issue was especially on point and beautifully touched on so many things I've been facing the last few weeks. It is nice to know I'm in sync with the universal/human flow. God Bless you all, who make this happen. Thank you so much. "

Lisa Hotchkiss

"I'm so excited! For weeks, to everyone in earshot, I've been raving about The Intenders Bridge online series and even more recently about the Intenders books I've been reading."

Jane Sibbett
Los Angeles, CA

"I have noticed that you are doing a vision for the Gulf of Mexico. I live in Israel and as you must well know....things are heating up pretty well around here and honestly, I am wondering if I could ask you if we could do a request for a vision to find a way for peace in this region and between the people in Palestine and that something you would consider . . . gathering all those with positive intention to do something as global as we can? An intention that could change history?

Thank you so much for all you offer, I have and keep benefitting enormously from it!

Shalom and Love to you all"

Avivit Dimor
Givataim, Israel


"The Vision Alignment Project is one of the most rewarding things I have ever had the honor to be a part of."

~ Tony Burroughs
co-founder, The Intenders of the Highest Good

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