About Us

The Vision Alignment Project is the creation of Intenders of the Highest Good co-founder, Tony Burroughs, and Create One Love Notes author, Richard Blackstone. It is similar to a Good News Channel in that you will receive a positive uplifting Vision in your email every other day. Many of these Visions are keyed to the latest current events, as well as to issues that most of us are experiencing in our personal lives. You will also be given the option to Align with the day's vision and, thus, add to the creation of it.

Says Intender Tony Burroughs, "One of the main principles of the Intention Process, perhaps the most important, is to see the end result from the beginning; to hold a vision in our mind of the final outcome; to see whatever we are intending as a done deal. The dynamics of how this works are simple when we understand that our thoughts are the forerunners of our future. As we hold the thought of our desired outcome, it has to manifest for us."

The purpose of The Vision Alignment Project is to make it easy for anyone to contribute to the creation of a better world simply by lining up with the Visions. In this way, we can take a positive, active, and conscious stance and bring about the manifestation of our innermost dreams.

The goal - Our Intention - is that we reach a total of at least 1,000,000 Vision Alignments in the days to come. So you can keep track with us, a counter with the total number of Vision Alignments to date will be shown to you immediately after you align with any one Vision.

The Vision Alignment Project is making a difference. Will you help us?

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