Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we have to align with every one of the Visions?
A. No, just Align with the ones that you agree with, or that touch you on a deeper level, or that you would like to see in manifestation.

Q. How long do you plan to keep sending out the Visions?
A. It is our intention that we continue to write and send out the Visions until they become a reality and we are living them. We are committed to bringing forth a better world in this way.

Q. How reliable are the translations in all 58 languages?
A. We don't know. We use Google Translators which is a machine, not a human, translation system, and Google is first to admit that they are not perfect - however they are upgrading and improving their translation software all the time. Even so, we are well aware that many inconsistencies exist in the translations - especially in certain languages - and it is our feeling that it is better to make this information available to as large an audience as possible, even if the translations are not 100% accurate. We feel that, in most instances, the average reader will be able to extrapolate and get the gist of what we are saying.

Q. How does the tracker work?
A. The Vision Alignment Tracker counts the total number of Alignments for all of our Visions, not for each individual Vision. It keeps track of the bigger picture we are painting, so, with each Vision you Align with, you are actually "voting" for it as well as for the grander Vision we are creating, a Vision we create together every time you hit the Yes! I Align with this Vision Button.

Q. By signing up for the Vision Alignment Project, exactly what will I receive?
A. When you sign up for the VAP, you will receive 1.) a new Vision every other day that you can choose to Align with or not; 2.) a link to a Vision From Down Home You Tube Video once a week on Wednesday mornings; and 3.) The Intenders Newsletter once every two weeks (if you are not already receiving it.)

Q. Do you share your mailing list or subscribers names with anyone else?
A. Never! All names and email addresses will always be kept confidential and private.

Q. How long are the Visions?
A. We know that most people like to keep things shorter, so we generally write the Visions in one to three paragraphs that can be read in a couple of minutes. Likewise, we do our best to keep the Video Visions from Down Home under 3 minutes. It is our intention to give you quality instead of quantity.

Q. How did the Vision Alignment Project get started?
A. The VAP was the next step in a natural progression that began decades ago for us when we started exploring the fields of intention and conscious manifestation. Our quest to get more proficient at manifesting ultimately led us to the Vision Alignment Project. Indeed, subtly embedded within it are all the keys for helping you to become a better manifestor. Said another way, the VAP is a subtle, but sure path to your power, for it embodies the whole of the Intenders teachings, including the Intention Process, the Intenders Circle, The Code, The Bridge, The Highest Light Teachings, and the Law of Agreement.

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