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We would like to acknowledge those who are in support of The Vision Alignment Project, especially those who have forwarded The Vision Alignment Project out to their list of friends.

  1. If you have passed The Vision Alignment Project along to your friends, we will gladly place you on our list of Vision Alignment Partners below and run a link from our site to yours. In order to become a Vision Alignment Partner, please email us at []

    We thank you for helping us get this empowering information out to the world at this time when it is needed most - and we acknowledge you for contributing to making our world a better place by what you are doing.

    Our Vision Alignment Project Link Widgets

    If you would like to play an even greater part in making The Vision Alignment Project a success, you can place one of the three widget links below on your web site so others can find out about us. Just choose which widget (image or text) you prefer; then copy and paste the HTML code above it into the source code for your web pages, and Voila! You're Done!

    The Big Widget HTML Code:

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