Tell Your Friends

Here are three ways to pass The Vision Alignment Project along to your friends.

  1. If you have a sizable list, you can simply forward any of the Visions you receive to your entire list of friends;

  2. Or, you can copy and paste either the long message or the short message below into an email and send it to your list of friends.


    THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT is, by far, one of the most empowering sites to come on the web in a long time. It provides a way for anyone to make a positive difference in our world instantly by aligning with a free Vision or Intention that you receive every other day. Check it out at

    The more of us who sign up for and align with these insightful Visions, the quicker we create a better world for ourselves. This is truly a Vision whose time has come. I strongly recommend it.

    THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT is one of the most empowering sites to come on the internet in a long time. Check it out at

    We thank you for helping us get this empowering information out to the world by forwarding The Vision Alignment Project to your friends. The upliftment of all humanity proceeds one person and one Vision at a time and we acknowledge you for contributing to making our world a better place by what you have just done.

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